Commercial Audition Prep Seminars For Kids 

Sideshow Productions discovered, casted, and directed many stunning talent such as Olivia Sanabia (Coop and Cami Ask the World, Just Add Magic), Pia Mia (After and ETV), and Makayla Lysiak (Mr. Mercedes & Ads). In both TVCs and films outside of the kids industry, Chris Folino has directed incredible talent such as Clancy Brown (Shawshank Redemption), William Katt (Greatest American Hero), John Heard (Home Alone), Beverly D’Angelo (American History X, National Lampoon’s Vacation), Cesar Milan, and even Jake & Gary Busey!

Chris Folino has been producing toy commercials since 2008. What began as a production house has grown into a full-service creative agency that is responsible for the entire process from the conception of the advertisement concept to the final post-production touches and delivery of what YOU see on your TV. That means he has the inside scoop from choosing successful talent that you see on channels like Disney and Nickelodeon. He will give you an edge in the most competitive industry in the world!

Seminar Details

The seminar is essentially broken down into a few key parts. We will take the talent AND parents through a behind the scenes look at what is commonly seen and desired throughout the commercial audition process. We will also delve into constructive criticism in dissecting a pre-filmed video audition of the talent, as well as do a mock audition that will be recorded for further analysis. These are all done with REAL sides of past commercials that we've done. After the seminar you will receive a digital copy of the mock audition and thorough notes for the kids to practice before their next audition!

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  • Kid’s Toy Industry Overview
  • Audition Goals & Misconceptions
  • Learn REAL Sides
  • Videotape Sample Auditions
  • Evaluate and Critique
  • Take-home Assessment+Audition!


"This (seminar) is such a huge help for me to help Haven succeed!!!! Wow!!!! Thank you so much!!! You guys are awesome!!!"

- Nancy Ward

"We cannot tell you how much we appreciate your comments and feedback. It has helped us understand the industry, but most importantly understand how to help Katin. Katin booked a second Target commercial and we are so excited for her to take all she learned from your workshop and continue to apply it to every casting."

- Ari Aviles

"I appreciate the feedback and I shared with Logan. We both definitely learned a lot from both of you!"

- Sheri Duff

"You guys are SERIOUSLY the BEST.  Thank you so much for the detailed report!"

- Anji Rodarte


Fill out the below and we will quickly get back to you. Feel free to reach out with questions as we are always happy to help. We take payment by paypal or check, just note which you prefer and we will prodvide further instruction. We look forward to having you and your fantastic talent!

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